Details for SA 1106 以何因
Language ID Title Vol/Page Translations
Chinese SA 1106 T 99.1106 以何因 T ii 290c20
Chinese SA2 35 T 100.35 以何因 T ii 384c11
Pāli SN 11.12 SN 258 Sattavatapada 2 SN i 229 SN i 493
Sanskrit SF 275 Waldschmidt 1968c WALDSCHMIDT, Ernst 1968c. A Note on Names and Surnames of Indra in a Fragment of a Buddhist Canonical Sanskrit Text from Central Asia, Journal of the Bihar Research Society, 54: 33–39. Reprinted 1989 in BECHERT, Heinz & KIEFFER-PÜLZ, Petra (editors), Ernst Waldschmidt, Ausgewählte kleine Schriften, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 256–264.
[...] indicates alternative PTS or Taishō numbering.
<...> refers to PTS 1998 (Somaratne) edition of SN Vol I.