Details for SF 25
Language ID Title Vol/Page Translations
Sanskrit SF 25 Enomoto 1997: 97 ENOMOTO, Fumio 1997. Sanskrit Fragments from the Saṃgītanipāta of the Saṃyuktāgama. In KIEFFER-PÜLZ, Petra and HARTMANN, Jens-Uwe (editors), Baud­dhavidya­sudhakarah: Studies in Honour of Heinz Bechert on the Occasion of his 65th birthday, Swisstal-Odendorf, India et Tibetica 30: 91–105.
Chinese SA 98 T 99.98 耕田 T ii 027a10
Chinese SA3 1 T 101.1 耕田 T ii 493a07
Chinese SA2 264 T 100.264 耕田 T ii 466b18
Pāli SN 7.11 SN 197 Kasī SN i 172 SN i 369
[...] indicates alternative PTS or Taishō numbering.
<...> refers to PTS 1998 (Somaratne) edition of SN Vol I.