Details for SF 276 Candra
Language ID Title Vol/Page Translations
Sanskrit SF 276 Candra Waldschmidt 1970a WALDSCHMIDT, Ernst 1970a. Buddha frees the disc of the moon (Candrasūtra). Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 33: 179–183. Reprinted 1989 in BECHERT, Heinz & KIEFFER-PÜLZ, Petra (editors), Ernst Waldschmidt, Ausgewählte kleine Schriften, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner, 296–301.
Chinese SA 583 T 99.583 月天子 T ii 155a07
Chinese SA2 167 T 100.167 月天子 T ii 436a05
Pāli SN 2.9 SN 90 Candima SN i 50 SN i 114
Tibetan D 331 / Q 997 mdo: sa 259b3–260a4 / shu 268a2–268b3
Tibetan D 42 / Q 758 ཟླ་བའི་མདོ། shes phyin: ka 282b6–283a5 / tsi 300a2–300b3
[...] indicates alternative PTS or Taishō numbering.
<...> refers to PTS 1998 (Somaratne) edition of SN Vol I.