Details for SN 16.3 Candūpama
Language ID Title Vol/Page Translations
Pāli SN 16.3 Candūpama SN ii 197
Chinese SA 1136 T 99.1136 月喻 T ii 299c06
Chinese SA2 111 T 100.111 月喻 T ii 414a18
Chinese T 121 佛說月喻 T ii 544b12
Sanskrit SF 74 Candropama Hoernle 1916: 40–44 HOERNLE, A. F. Rudolf 1916. Manuscript remains of Buddhist literature found in Eastern Turkestan: Facsimiles of manuscripts in Sanskrit, Khotanese, Kuchean, Tibetan and Chinese, with transcripts, translations and notes, edited in conjunction with other scholars, with critical introductions and vocabularies, vol 1. Oxford. Reprinted 1970, St. Leonards: Ad Orientem.
[...] indicates alternative PTS or Taishō numbering.