Details for T 118 佛說鴦掘摩
Language ID Title Vol/Page Translations
Chinese T 118 佛說鴦掘摩 T ii 508b17
Chinese SA 1077 T 99.1077 T ii 280c18 noteThe events related in MN 86 recur in T 120 at T ii 512b (as recognised by Akanuma p. 168) and in Derge 213 at mdo sde tsha (57): 126a. Both of these are Mahayana discourses of the tathāgatagarbha type and therefore fall outside the scope of our presentation.
Chinese EA 38.6 T 125.38.6 ? T ii 719b20
Chinese T 212.17 出曜經◎雜品第十七 T iv 702b08
Chinese T 200.99 無惱指鬘 T iv 423b05
Chinese SA2 16 T 100.16 T ii 378b17
Chinese T 119 佛說鴦掘髻 T ii 510b14
Pāli MN 86 Aṅgulimāla MN ii 97
Sanskrit SF 19 Enomoto 1994: 22–23 ENOMOTO, Fumio 1994. A comprehensive study of the Chinese Saṃyuktāgama: Indic texts corresponding to the Chinese Saṃyuktāgama as found in the Sarvāstivāda-Mūlasarvāstivāda literature. Part 1: *Saṃgītanipāta. Kyoto: Kacho Junior College.
Sanskrit SF 66 Hartmann 1998: 358–361 HARTMANN, Jens-Uwe 1998. Sanskrit Fragments from the Āgamas (I): The Aṅgulimālāsūtra. Indologica Taurinensia 23/24: 351–362.
Sanskrit SHT Sutta 2 SHT 160c, 1561 SHT, Sanskrithandschriften aus den Turfanfunden. 1965 (vol i) ed. W. Clawiter, L. Holzmann, E. Waldschmidt; 1968 (vol ii) ed. idem; 1971 (vol iii) ed. idem; 1980 (vol iv) ed. L. Sander, E. Waldschmidt; 1985 (vol v) ed. idem; 1989 (vol vi) ed. H. Bechert, K. Wille; 1995 (vol vii) ed. idem; 2000 (vol viii) ed. idem; 2004 (vol ix) ed. idem; 2008 (vol x) ed. K. Wille. Wiesbaden/Stuttgart: Franz Steiner. noteSHT vi 1561 is identified by Hartmann 1998: 356 note 18.
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